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Assynt 1811

From the Sutherland Estate Papers
Transcribed for us by Elizabeth Bell

From Dep 313/1573 Report of Patrick Sellars on the Duke of Sutherland Estate 1811.

Ardvare, Cronault, Little Assynt & Auldnachie - Capt. William SCOBIE in Right of Lieut. John SCOBIE of the Sutherland Fencibles.

Half the salmon fishings in the waters of Inverculaig and Inverkerkaig - Possessor in Right of Kenneth McKENZIE in Leadbeg.

Auchmore & Rhintraud - in Right of the Deceased Kenneth SCOBIE in Auchmore, his father.

Knochan - Mr John ROBERTSON late in Keanchilish of Croygash?.

Elphine - Ensign Alexander McKENZIE's heirs.

Leadmore, Badgrinan,- Roderick McKENZIE for his own, R. McLEOD & J. McLEOD, Alexander MacLEOD,  Roderick MacLEOD, Neil MacLEOD McANGUS or BAIN, John MacLEOD ROY,  Hugh or William MacLEOD BAIN, Donald MacLEOD ROY

Marble-Isaac JOPLING late of Newcastle on Tyne now residing in Leadbeg.

Rhincreich & half of Unapool-as above.

Leadbeg, Tillen, Layne & half of Drumswordland - Kenneth McKENZIE in Leadbeg.

Stronechrubie, Lower Tubeg, Duchlash, Poulgarvin - Murdoch McKENZIE in Stronechrubie.

Inchnadamff, Upper Tubeg - George McKENZIE.

Coubin, Torbrech, half of Camore - Rev. William McKENZIE.

Edracalda - Mr Alex. McKENZIE.

Half of Unapool - Donald McKENZIE JAMIESON, Donald McKENZIE soldier, Hugh MATHESON's Widow, William McRAE, Donald McRAE, Neil McKENZIE, Rodk. McKENZIE, Hugh McKENZIE, James URQUHART soldier, John McKENZIE.

Nedd - Angus McDONALD smith, John McRAE, Angus McRAE, Kenneth MATHIESON, William McRAE, John McLAUGHLAN, Neil MORRISON, Roderick MacLEOD, Ann McLEAN Widow, John McKENZIE, John McLEAN, John STEWART

Drumbeg - Murdoch KERR, John GRAHAM, John MORRISON, Alexander McKENZIE or OAG, Mordoch McKENZIE, John McLEOD, Kathel (Cathel) KERR, Alexander GRAHAM, Alexander KERR, Hugh GRAHAM, Alexander MORRISON, Neil McLEAN, Murdoch KERR's Widow, Alexander McLEOD, Finlay GRAHAM soldier.

Aldany - Mrs GRAY Widow of Lieut. John McKAY.

Coulkein, Drumlaig, part Durlan - Heirs of Hugh CLARK in Aldany.

Clashnessie, Achnasarvan, Culkein, Achnacarnan, Clashmore, Balchladich, Stow, Clochtoll, Achmdrich - Mr Donald McDONALD of Tanera.

Inver & Ardroe - Mr Donald McDONALD of Tanera in Right of John McKENZIE.

Culaig - as above.
Badidaroch - Isobel MacLEOD, John McLEOD, Angus McLEOD, Alexander McLEOD, Christian McLEOD, Donald McKENZIE, Kenneth McKENZIE.

Bruchloch - John McLEOD soldier, Alexander McLEOD's Widow.

Badynabaan & Knocknach - George ROSS Distiller at Culaig now residing at Ulapool in the County of Ross.

Inverckerkaig - Mrs Christian McLEOD Widow of the late Kenneth McKENZIE in Inverkerkaig and Lieut. John McKENZIE of the late Sutherland Fencible Regiment.

Lochlannoch - Angus McCASKILL, Donald McCASKILL, Donald McLEOD, Murdoch McLEOD soldier, William McCASKILL.

Glenbreg- Alexander McLEAN soldier, John McKENZIE soldier, Donald McRAE soldier, Donald McCONACHY, Alexander McKENZIE, Colin McKENZIE, Hugh MORRISON, Alexander McLEAN, Norman MUNRO, Murdoch MORRISON, Roderick URQUHART, Alexander McLEOD, Donald McCASKILL, Angus McLEOD, Murdoch McKENZIE, Roderick McKENZIE, Murdoch McRAE soldier.

Papers also include details of rents, leases, Houses/fences and matters requiring attention for most of the above tenants.

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  1. I am fascinated but I do not understand what is being transcribed. My Great Great Grandfather was Cathel Kerr and the name appears inn the transcription but I do not know what it means

    1. These are the people who held a lease at that time. I will try to find more precise detail. Give me a few days.